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Studies of Glutenin. III. Identification of Subunits Coded by the D-Genome and Their Relation to Breadmaking Quality.

R. A. Orth and W. Bushuk. Copyright 1973 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Glutenins from four extracted AABB tetraploid wheats, their hexaploid (AABBDD) common wheat counterparts, a synthetic (AABBDD) hexaploid, its parents, and seven accessions of aegilops squarrosa were isolated, reduced, and analyzed by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The glutenin subunits of the synthetic hexaploid were simply inherited from its tetraploid (AABB) and diploid (DD) parents. Each extracted tetraploid lacked three glutenin subunits and showed a decrease in the amount of one electrophoretic band present in its hexaploid parent. Three of the affected subunits were of the same molecular weight (MW) for each hexaploid-tetraploid pair, the fourth being different for one of the four pairs. In each pair the four deleted (or diluted) subunits were of the same MW as subunits present in the glutenin of ae. squarrosa samples studied. The electrophoretic patterns of the reduced glutenin of the varieties typica, anathera, and strangulata were almost identical. The two highest-MW glutenin subunits of a fourth variety, meyeri, were smaller than the analogous subunits in the other three varieties. Common (bread) wheats contained glutenin subunits of high MW which were absent in durum wheats; their presence appears to be a necessary condition for breadmaking quality.

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