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Microscopic Evaluation of the Digestibility of Sorghum Lines that Differ in Endosperm Characteristics.

R. D. Sullins and L. W. Rooney. Copyright 1974 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Sorghum grains that differ in endosperm texture and endosperm type were compared to evaluate the usefulness of microscopy to account for differences observed in the feeding properties of these grains. The waxy sorghum kernel sections had the smallest proportion of peripheral endosperm area of the four grains examined. The waxy sections were also more rapidly solubilized by pronase and alpha-amylase enzymes and by buffered rumen fluid than the nonwaxy sections. The corneous, flour, and intermediate texture kernels were nonwaxy grains and contained more peripheral endosperm than the waxy sorghum. The increased solubilization of waxy sections probably occurs because waxy starch is more susceptible to enzymes, and because there is less peripheral endosperm area in the kernel. In addition, the protein matrix of waxy grain may be more susceptible to enzymes. These findings may account for observations of feeding trials in which steers fed nonwaxy sorghum grain diets required 8 to 20% more feed to produce a pound of gain than steers fed waxy sorghum grain diets. We believe that microscopy can be used to study and evaluate kernel properties related to feeding quality of sorghum.

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