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The Nature of Insoluble Starch Particles in Liquefied Corn-Starch Hydrolysates.

R. E. Hebeda and H. W. Leach. Copyright 1974 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Hydrolysates prepared from corn starch by conventional industrial thinning procedures invariably contain small amounts of insoluble starch particles (ISP). The ISP have been isolated and characterized by microscopic appearance, lipid and starch content, X-ray diffraction, solubility, and iodine absorbancy. Results indicate that the ISP in acid-thinned hydrolysates are primarily amylose in a degraded and associated form. In contrast, the ISP in enzyme-thinned hydrolysates are complexes of degraded amylose and free fatty acids. After clarification and storage in the refrigerator, additional ISP form in both types of hydrolysates. The second crops of ISP are different from each other and from their corresponding initial crops.

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