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Chemical, Physical, and Nutritional Properties of High-Protein Flours and Residual Kernel from the Overmilling of Uncoated Milled Rice. I. Milling Procedure and Protein, Fat, Ash, Amylose, and Starch Content.

B. M. Kennedy, M. Schelstraete, and A. R. Del Rosario. Copyright 1974 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Twelve lots of commercially milled rice of different varieties and treatment were abraded in a rice-polishing machine. The rices were put through the mill three times to give an average yield for each pass of about 2% flour passing through a 40-mesh screen, with 87% of the rice left as residual kernel. First-pass flours contained twice as much protein as did the original rice, about two-thirds as much amylose and total starch, eight times as much ash, and 17 times as much petroleum ether-extractable fat. Except for amylose and starch, concentrations of these components decreased with each successive pass. Residual kernels contained as much amylose as did the original rice, slightly more starch, and less of the other constituents. Variations due to variety and processing are discussed. This study extends the data and is in accord with results obtained from previous work on experimentally milled rices.

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