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Fatty-Acid Esters of Alkoxylated Polyol Glycosides as Emulsifiers in White Layer Cake.

L. T. Kissell, D. K. Mecham, and C. L. Mehltretter. Copyright 1974 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Functional emulsification properties were determined for a series of products prepared by direct reaction of glycerol or propylene glycol with starch or lactose in acid media, followed by alkoxylation with ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, and esterification to introduce one or two fatty acid residues. All materials were tested in white layer cake batters prepared according to AACC Methods. Most effective, and comparing favorably with commercial mono- and diglyceride emulsifiers, were mono- and dipalmitates of moderately ethoxylated propylene glycol and glycerol glycosides. Next in effectual order were the distearate and mono- and dioleate esters. Many of the emulsifiers were too powerful for the high sugar:shortening ratio cake formulation. All surfactants were re-evaluated at reduced levels of total added fat. With the emulsifiers held constant at 2% of the fat, improvement was noted in volume, contour, and grain of cakes by reduction of shortening from 50% (flour basis) to the 35 to 25% range. Preliminary studies to determine the safety of these materials as food additives are underway.

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