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A Comparison of Loss of Birefringence with the Percent Gelatinization and Viscosity on Potato, Wheat, Rice, Corn, Cow Cockle, and Several Barley Starches.

K. J. Goering, D. H. Fritts, and K. G. D. Allen. Copyright 1974 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A study has been made comparing the birefringence end point temperature (BEPT) with percent gelatinization and Brabender viscosities for potato, wheat, rice, corn, cow cockle, and several barley starches. In no case at the BEPT was the starch more than 80% gelatinized. The temperature of the rapid increase in Brabender viscosity agreed with BEPT only for rice and cow cockle starch. With corn and potato starch it occurred before the BEPT and with wheat and barley at a much higher temperature. The data obtained indicate no relationship between loss of crystallinity as measured by BEPT and percent gelatinization. Barley starch appears unique in that the maximum viscosity is reached only when the temperature is 20 degrees or more above the BEPT.

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