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Physical and Chemical Properties of Oligosaccharides.

J. A. Johnson and R. Srisuthep. Copyright 1975 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Maltooligosaccharides (G1 to G12) from partially hydrolyzed amylose starch were partially separated on a Celite-carbon column and further separated and purified by macro-paper chromatography. The fractions were shown to be pure, straight-chain molecules of a homologous glucose series. Certain physical and chemical properties of these oligosaccharides were determined. Reducing power agreed with theoretical values and with values of some found in the literature. Specific gravity of solutions increased with chain length and concentration. Refractive indices did not increase with chain length but did with increasing concentrations. Solubility decreased with chain length. Oligosaccharides (G9 and G10) did not completely dissolve at 8 to 10% concentrations. Relative viscosity and hygroscopicity increased with molecular weight of the oligosaccharides.

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