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Preparation of Protein Concentrates from Wheat Shorts and Wheat Millrun by a Wet Alkaline Process.

R. M. Saunders, M. A. Connor, R. H. Edwards, and G. O. Kohler. Copyright 1975 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Protein concentrates were prepared from wheat shorts and millrun by a wet process. The millfeed was suspended in water, adjusted to a specific alkaline pH, and extracted for a specified time interval. The mixture was squeezed to separate the liquid phase, which also contained starch granules, from fibrous material. Fractions rich in protein, starch, and fat and low in fiber were prepared from the squeezed juice by heat coagulation or acid precipitation. The yield and composition of concentrates as a function of extraction pH are described. The concentrates generally contained about 30 to 40% protein, 36 to 60% starch, and 7 to 11% fat, and were obtained in yields of 15 to 25%. Removal of starch from the squeezed juice before precipitation of the protein yielded products containing approximately 64% protein and 19% fat. After removal of the precipitated concentrates the residual juice was recycled to be used as the extracting medium for another batch of millfeed; an eight-time recycling experiment is described. Addition of bisulfite during processing resulted in lighter-colored products.

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