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Corn Endosperm: Protein Distribution and Amino Acid Composition in Amylomaize vs. Normal Dent Hybrid.

M. J. Wolf, C. C. Harris, and G. L. Donaldson. Copyright 1975 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Commercial amylomaize hyrids had a significantly higher proportion of saline-soluble protein and glutelins and a lower ethanol-soluble protein content than normal dent hybrid corn. In agreement with this pattern of protein distribution, lysine content of endosperm protein was significantly higher than that of normal dent hybrid corn, varying from 2.3 g/16 g N in class 5 amylomaize (62% amylose) to 2.9 g/16 g N in class 8 amylomaize (81% amylose) as compared with 1.6 g/16 g N in normal dent hybrid (28% amylose). Other essential amino acids were also higher than those of normal dent hybrid corn but the differences were not significant. In contrast to amylomaize hybrids, endosperm proteins of the high-amylose inbred line W64Aae (61% amylose) were similar to those of the normal counterpart W64A (32% amylose) with respect to both protein distribution and amino acid composition.

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