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Pilot-Plant Dry Milling of Corn Containing Aflatoxin.

O. L. Brekke, A. J. Peplinski, G. E. N. Nelson, and E. L. Griffin, Jr. Copyright 1975 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Three lots of corn (one yellow, two white) naturally contaminated with different levels of aflatoxin (13, 160, and 510 p.p.b. of B-1) were dry-milled to determine distribution of the toxin among product fractions. No problems were encountered in the milling steps. Product yields and fat contents were fairly typical of those for a normal dent corn. Aflatoxin level was always lowest in the grits and highest in the germ, hull, or degermer fines, and varied with the contamination level of corn being milled. Proportion of aflatoxin B-1 in the prime product mix (i.e., grits, low-fat meal, and low-fat flour) amounted to only 7 to 10% of total quantity of B-1 in all products. Concentrations of aflatoxin in degermer fines, germ, and hull exceeded that of the corn milled. Aflatoxin B-1 level in endosperm-derived products correlated with their fat content. Yield of prime product mix, based on all products recovered, varied between 49 and 60% in these tests.

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