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Effect of Some Nonstarch Components in Corn and Barley Starch Granules on the Viscosity of Heated Starch-Water Suspensions.

K. J. Goering, L. L. Jackson, and B. W. DeHaas. Copyright 1975 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Barley and cornstarch granules exhaustively extracted with 85% methanol show negligible pasting peaks, greater cooking stability, and lower setback. Addition of alcohol-free extract to the extracted starches essentially reproduces the curve obtained from the unextracted starch. The addition of pure, unsaturated fatty acids at the concentration found in the original starch essentially reproduces original curve. An examination of the various fatty acids present in the lipid fraction indicated that linolenic acid was most effective in modifying the viscosity curve. It is suggested that the pasting peak is not due to gelatinization and breakdown of granules, but is due to the breakdown of an amylose-fatty acid complex.

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