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Kinetics of Batch Drying of Deep-Bed Rough Rice Using Dimensional Analysis.

R. P. Kachru and R. K. Matthes. Copyright 1976 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Drying effects in thick-layer dryers have been investigated by several researchers either by using empirical or mathematical formulations. However, these models cannot be used directly with the commonly known or measurable drying parameters. An attempt has been made to develop a prediction equation for drying time and instantaneous moisture content of wetted rough rice describing thick-layer batch drying with the aid of similitude and dimensional analysis. The parameters involved in this model can be measured both in the laboratory and field without any difficulty. The six dimensionless coefficients were determined for the range of environmental, operating, and product conditions under investigation in this study. The predicted values from the suggested model and the experimental values were in relatively good agreement.

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