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Differences in Total Lipid and Fatty Acid Composition of Doughnuts as Influenced by Lecithin, Leavening Agent, and Use of Frying Fat.

D. McComber and E. M. Miller. Copyright 1976 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Total lipid and fatty acids in doughnuts were investigated with a 2(3) factorial design using lecithin levels, sulfate-phosphate and tartrate baking powders, and fresh and slightly used frying fat as the variables. The total lipid content of doughnuts increased markedly with increases in lecithin levels; however, the lecithin levels did not affect the fatty acid composition of the extracted lipid. Total lipid content of doughnuts also increased markedly with the use of tartrate baking powder in comparison with sulfate-phosphate baking powder. There was a small but statistically significant tendency for the less polar fatty acids to be present in the sulfate-phosphate leavened doughnuts compared to the tartrate leavened doughnuts. No changes were noted as frying fat use progressed with this relatively short use-time.

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