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Short-Time Baking Systems. I. Interdependence of Yeast Concentration, Fermentation Time, Proof Time, and Oxidation Requirement.

P. L. Finney, C. D. Magoffin, R. C. Hoseney, and K. F. Finney. Copyright 1976 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Balancing formulas for short-time baking systems led to the conclusion that yeast concentration, fermentation time, proof time, and oxidation requirement are interdependent. Breads produced with fermentation times of 120, 70, or 45 min. were comparable to those made with a standard 180 min of fermentation. The only required formula changes included increases in yeast concentration and oxidant (KBrO3) and decreases in proof time. Changes in other ingredients gave inferior (nonoptimum) results. When fermentation time was decreased from 180 to 70 min, required yeast concentration increased by a factor of 3.6 from 2 to 7.2%, KBrO3 requirement increased by a factor of 3, and proof time (about 30% of fermentation time) decreased from 55 to 21.5 min. Optimum breads produced with fermentation times of 70, 120, or 180 min were equal in loaf volume, internal and external appearances, and flavor. Gas production was a function of fermentation time and yeast concentration, and remained constant for any balanced, optimized system.

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