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Rice Bran Protein Concentrates Obtained by Wet Alkaline Extraction.

M. A. Connor, R. M. Saunders, and G. O. Kohler. Copyright 1976 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Protein concentrates were extracted from full-fat rice bran with dilute sodium hydroxide at 24 C, followed by separation of the fibrous residue, and heat or acid precipitation of the extracted protein. In an alternate procedure, the starch fraction was separated prior to protein precipitation. Protein concentrates containing 23-31% protein, 33-48% fat, and 15-23% starch were obtained in yields of 14-20%. Protein concentrates with the bulk of the starch removed contained 33-38% protein and 49-55% fat. Fats were 86% unsaturated. Protein efficiency ratio and nitrogen digestibility of the concentrates were significantly greater than those of the starting bran. Nitrogen solubility curves, amino acid profiles, fatty acid composition, and mineral content of the concentrates are reported, as well as yield and composition of by-products produced during the process. Alkaline extraction of commercially defatted rice bran is also reported.

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