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Protein Content and Amino Acid Composition of Barleys from the World Collection.

Y. Pomeranz, G. S. Robbins, R. T. Smith, J. C. Craddock, J. T. Gilbertson, and J. G. Moseman. Copyright 1976 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Kernel weight, protein content, and amino acid composition were determined for 113 barley cultivars from the USDA world collection. Two-row covered spring, six-row covered winter, six-row hull-less spring, and six-row covered spring types were represented. Two-row covered spring barleys were highest and six-row hull-less spring barleys were lowest for kernel weight. Protein content was highest in six-row hull-less spring barleys and lowest in six-row covered winter barleys. Six-row covered winter barleys were highest for lysine and threonine as percentage of protein, and six-row hull-less spring barleys were highest for lysine and threonine as percentage of sample. Correlations for all barley types were negative between protein and leucine, and positive between isoleucine and valine. Representative cultivars were selected, for each of the four barley types on the basis of kernel weight, protein content, and contents of essential amino acids. Large differences among the barley types indicated that the cultivars tested would provide a rich source of germplasm for plant breeders.

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