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Development of a Yeast-Leavened Rice-Bread Formula.

K. D. Nishita, R. L. Roberts, M. M. Bean, and B. M. Kennedy. Copyright 1976 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Development of a rice-flour bread formulation was undertaken to provide a product for those allergic to wheat (coeliac disease), and for patients on low-protein and low-sodium diets. Certain hydroxypropyl- methylcelluloses were the only useful gum-type additives capable of providing doughs with the viscosity necessary to trap fermentation gases, and with the "water-release" effect necessary for starch gelatinization during baking to develop a rigid, yet porous cell structure and good loaf volume. Plastic fats and surfactants, which normally improve wheat bread, had the opposite effect in rice breads. Refined vegetable oils produced satisfactory volumes, grain, and texture. Inital taste panel evaluations shoed that less than half the judges liked the bread. However, when it was identified as rice bread, more than half (19 out of 31) of the taste panel members gave a score of 5 or higher on a hedonic scale of 9.

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