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Effect of Substituting Glucose for Sucrose in Baked, Wheat-Flour Based Diets on Growth and Liver Composition of Rats.

D. R. Landes and J. Miller. Copyright 1976 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Weanling rats were fed diets containing 20% sugar in the form of sucrose or glucose or combinations of the two. The dry ingredients, including wheat flour, soybean flour, nonfat milk solids, oil, minerals, vitamins, baking powder, and sugar were mixed with water and baked. After baking, the diets were lyophilized, ground, and fed ad libitum to the animals. Significant reductions in weight gain and feed efficiency were observed in the animals receiving the diet containing as little as 5% glucose. Further substitution of glucose for sucrose in the diets resulted in decreased size and number of hepatic cells and increased concentration of lipid in the liver. These results indicate that substitution of glucose for sucrose had significant detrimental effects on the nutritional quality of this wheat-flour based diet. It is possible that nutritional quality of some food products may be jeopardized (without organoleptic or functional properties being noticeably affected) by substitution of small quantities of less expensive corn-derived sweeteners for sucrose.

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