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Studies on Corn Proteins. IX. Comparison of the Amino Acid Composition of Landry-Moureaux and Paulis-Wall Endosperm Fractions.

P. S. Misra, E. T. Mertz, and D. V. Glover. Copyright 1976 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Comparison of the average amino acid composition of the Landry-Moureaux (LM) endosperm fractions of two normal corn (Zea mays L.) inbreds and five high-lysine mutants with the amino acid composition of the Paulis-Wall (PW) endosperm fractions of a normal corn hybrid shows marked similarity between LM fraction II and PW alkylated-reduced zein, LM fraction III and PW guanidine and 70% ethanol-soluble alkylated-reduced glutelin, LM fraction IV and PW guanidine-insoluble alkylated-reduced glutelin, and LM fraction V and PW guanidine-soluble 70% ethanol-insoluble alkylated-reduced glutelin. Both the normal and mutant LM fractions I and V contain high levels of lysine; LM fractions II and III contain low levels of lysine; LM fraction III contains high levels of methionine; and LM fraction IV contains high levels of histidine. Although the glutelins are separated in a different manner, the corresponding PW fractions show these same differences. Since the mutant fractions resemble the normal fractions, this is further evidence that the high-lysine levels in the five mutants are due to the previously reported increase in LM fractions I and V, not to new proteins high in lysine.

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