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Effect of Wheat Class on Near Infrared Reflectance.

C. A. Watson, W. C. Shuey, O. J. Banasik, and J. W. Dick. Copyright 1977 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Regression equations were developed with five classes of wheat, for the relation between protein contents as determined by Kjeldahl and by near infrared reflectance (NIR) with hard red spring wheat as the calibration standard. The slope of the regression equation varied considerably and depended on the class of wheat. The effect of class on the regression equations could not be related directly to particle-size distribution of the ground samples. Correlation coefficients between Kjeldahl and NIR protein content were highly significant (0.93 to 0.99) for all classes of wheat. The class of wheat affected the log values of the NIR instrument and the log values were related to the general hardness class of the wheats.

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