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Adjustment of Rheological Properties of Flours by Fine Grinding and Air Classification.

J. W. Dick, W. C. Shuey, and O. J. Banasik. Copyright 1977 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Two hard red spring (HRS) wheat varieties (Era and Red River 68) were milled on our pilot mill to obtain individual flour streams. Several selected flour streams were pin milled and air-classified to give flour fractions with high, medium, and low protein contents. Protein contents, ash contents, and mixograms were obtained on the flour streams and air-classified fractions. Flour blends or "managed-flours" were made to manipulate flour-water absorption and dough rheological properties for each variety. Mixograms and farinograms were determined on each of the managed-flours. For both varieties, the blend with the highest protein content and lowest percentage extraction showed the most desirable improvement over the respective straight-grade flour blends. The data showed that rheological responses of the managed-flours from the two varieties differed. Any improvements in the flour-water absorption and dough properties were accompanied by a decrease in total flour extraction of the blends, although protein content was not necessarily lower.

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