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Studies on Pan-Cake Baking. I. Effect of Chlorination of Flour on Pan-Cake Qualities.

M. Seguchi and J. Matsuki. Copyright 1977 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

At constant temperature, the consistency of wheat-flour slurry with water or oil was increased by chlorination. The pan-cake baking test with reconstituted wheat flour showed that improvements in springiness and gumminess by chlorination were brought about by the chlorinated prime starch fraction, and increase in cake volume by the chlorinated gluten fraction. The improving effects on springiness and gumminess disappeared with the addition of sucrose fatty acid ester to the improved formula. Microscopic observation of nonchlorinated and chlorinated starch, with and without sucrose fatty acid ester, showed that the chlorination of wheat flour made the starch granule surface more hydrophobic. These experiments indicate that the improvement in springiness and gumminess were dependent on the change of surface of the starch granule by chlorination.

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