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Horsebean as Protein Supplement in Breadmaking. III. Effects of Horsebean Protein on Aroma and Flavor Profile of Moroccan-Type Bread.

K. M. Patel, J. F. Caul, and J. A. Johnson. Copyright 1977 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Organoleptic evaluation of horsebean flour (HBF) and horsebean protein isolate (HBPI) in suspensions and in Moroccan-type bread indicated differences in aroma and flavor characteristics. HPBI greatly reduced bitter taste and virtually eliminated beany aromatics, but added sour and stale notes. The type and level of supplement largely determined the extent of influence on bread flavor and textural quality. Differences in aroma and flavor spectra attributed to type of protein supplement were more easily identifiable in bland crumb than in crust. The differences were not pronounced when supplements exceeded 10%. Generally, HBF breads were sweeter, beanier, more bitter, and less wheaty and sour than breads containing equivalent quantitites of HBPI. HBPI breads at all equivalent levels retained bread-like aroma, flavor, and eating qualities. Based on effects of the two supplements on various aspects of breadmaking, as well as on appearance and eating qualities, HBPI, even up to 20% HBF equivalent, would probably meet with better consumer acceptanct than HBF.

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