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Fractionation of Defatted Wheat- and Corn-Germ Flours by Air Classification.

A. C. Stringfellow, O. L. Brekke, V. F. Pfeifer, L. H. Burbridge, and E. L. Griffin. Copyright 1977 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Wheat- and corn-germ samples from commercial mills were defatted, fine-ground, and air-classified to produce germ flour fractions which differed in particle size and in composition among themselves and from the original material. Finest fractions were produced in a yield of about 33 %, with a protein content of 40% for wheat and 27 to 29% for corn, 7 and 15 to 19% for the respective ash contents, and fiber levels normally of 0.5% or less. Removal of some fibrous material by moderate grinding and screening ahead of air classification lowered the fiber content of some fractions. Fine grinding and air classification provide a means for selectively extending and varying the composition of cereal germ flours. Fractions of higher protein and ash contents are more obtainable from the defatted germ flour than from the corresponding endosperm flour of wheat or corn.

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