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Defatted and Reconstituted Wheat Flours. I. Effects of Solvent and Soxhlet Types on Functional (Breadmaking) Properties.

O. K. Chung, Y. Pomeranz, K. F. Finney, J. D. Hubbard, and M. D. Shogren. Copyright 1977 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Lipid extractability increased with solubility parameter in ther series Skelly B, benzene, acetone, and 2- propanol, and was higher in a regular then in a vacuum Soxhlet. Extraction temperature was lowered 12 to 18 C by pressure reduction with a vacuum pump connected to the condenser of a modified Soxhlet. Chromatography by silicic acid column and thin-layer indicated that the increase in total extractable lipids was primarily from an increase in extracted polar lipids. Rheological properties and baking characterics of dough were little affected, whether the flour was extracted in a regular or vacuum Soxhlet with Skelly B. Deleterious effects were small for flours treated with benzene and acetone, and substantial for flour treated with 2-propanol. The adverse effects were lowered by extraction of the flour in a vacuum Soxhlet. Extraction of lipids by 2-propanol was effective in a vacuum Soxhlet, and damage to functional breadmaking properties of the flour was much less than to those of a flour extracted in a regular Soxhlet.

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