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The Carbohydrates of Various Pin Milled and Air-Classified Flour Streams. II. Starch and Pentosans.

I. A. MacArthur and B. L. D'Appolonia. Copyright 1977 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Selected flour streams from each of three cultivars of hard red spring wheat obtained from a pilot mill were pin milled and air-classified into high-, intermediate-, and low-protein-containing fractions. The starch isolated from the high-protein-containing flour fractions showed the highest pasting temperature, highest peak height, and lowest setback values. This starch also contained the highest amount of lipid material, had the highest water-binding capacity values, and the greatest percentage of small granules. Total water- solubles and water-soluble pentosans were isolated from the pin milled and air-classified flour fractions, with the high-protein flour fraction containing the highest amount. The protein content of the amylase- treated soluble pentosans was lowest and highest for those pentosans extracted from the high- and intermediate-protein-containing flours respectively. The ratio of component sugars for the pure pentosan fraction obtained by DEAE-cellulose chromatography of the pin milled and air-classified fractions from a particular cultivar revealed to differences. However, differences were noted between cultivars. Intrinsic viscosity values for the DEAE-cellulose essentially pure pentosan fraction obtained from the pin milled and air-classified flour fractions were similar.

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