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The Effect on Gluten Protein Fractions on Pasta Dough Rheology and Spaghetti-Making Quality.

J. E. Dexter and R. R. Matsuo. Copyright 1978 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Gluten proteins from a durum wheat and a hard red spring wheat were fractionated by precipitation from 0.005N lactic acid at various pH levels. As pH increased, the proportion of glutenins within each fraction was found to decrease concomitantly with an increase in gliadins. Reconstitution experiments demonstrated that a decrease in farinograph mixing time at pasta processing absorptions accompanied this decrease in glutenins and increase in gliadins. With the exception of the lactic acid-insoluble fraction, addition of the gluten fractions had no detrimental effect on spaghetti color. The lactic acid-insoluble gluten and the most gliadin-rich fraction imparted limited improvement to spaghetti cooking quality compared with the other fractions. Differences in cooking quality between the two wheats were consistent with differences in the distribution of their gluten proteins. Qualitative differences in their gluten proteins, however, apparently outweighed quantitative differences in determining spaghetti cooking quality.

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