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Glucosamine Analysis of Fungus-Infected Wheat as a Method to Determine the Effect of Antifungal Compounds in Grain Preservation.

B. Nandi. Copyright 1978 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The extent of fungal invasion of wheat grains inoculated with three storage fungi, viz., Aspergillus candidus, A. glaucus, and Penicillium sp., was measured on the basis of quantitative estimation of the glucosamine in the fungal chitin. In healthy wheat grains, the amount of material responding to glucosamine reaction was about 123 microg/g grain. In grains inoculated with different storage fungi, the glucosamine content increased linearly with storage time in all cases but showed considerable differences when stored under identical conditions. Treatment with some volatile aldehydes, esters, and an acid caused effective preservation of fungi-inoculated wheat against deterioration, as evident from the glucosamine content.

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