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Rice Lipids.

Y. Fujino. Copyright 1978 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Types and amounts of lipids are high in the bran and low in the endosperm, the two rice kernel parts of dietary significance. The main lipid class is triglyceride in the bran, free fatty acid in the endosperm, and almost exclusively a monoacyl lipid in the rice starch. Bran lipids are classified in groups of glycerolipids, sterol lipids, and sphingolipids, according to their structural and metabolic relationships. In the glycerolipids group, the diglyceridic species in triglyceride and glycerophospholipid are generally similar but differ from the glyceroglycolipids. In the sterol lipid group, component species are similar in free sterols and sterol esters and in sterylglycosides and acylsterylglycosides but differ in the neutral and polar sterol lipids. A new compound, steryloligohexoside (oligohexosylsterol) is reported. In the sphingolipid group, ceramide and sphingoglycolipid component species differ, although the sphingoglycolipid classes of monohexosylceramides, dihexosylceramides and trihexosylceramides show similarities.

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