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High Fiber Sugar-Snap Cookies Containing Cellulose and Coated Cellulose Products.

C. G. Gorczyca and M. E. Zabik. Copyright 1979 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Sugar-snap cookies were prepared with 0-30% of the flour substituted with cellulose of different particle size and carboxymethyl cellulose or prectin-coated cellulose. High levels of cellulose substitution reduced cookie spread, crispness, browning, and sensory qualitites. Cookies with 10% cellulose substitution, however, were of good quality. Comparision of the data obtained from using the various cellulose types at the 10% level of substitution showed some differences in physical parameters but no difference in sensory evaluations. These cookies had 1.4 g dietary fiber per 24 g cookie.

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