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Effect of Various Levels of Dietary Hemicellulose on Zinc Nuritional Status of Men.

C. Kies, H. M. Fox, and D. Beshgetoor. Copyright 1979 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The effect of feeding various levels of hemicellulose on zinc nutritional status of adult men was studied. During three periods of 14 days each, subjects received daily supplements of 4.2, 14.2, and 24.2 g of hemicellulose and an otherwise constant diet. All 12 men received all experimental treatments. Order was randomized for each subject. Zinc intake was held constant at 11.3 g/day (1.3 mg from ZnCl2 supplement and the rest from the basal diet). Mean zinc balances for subjects while receiving 4.2, 14.2, and 24.2 g hemicellulose for days 1-7 of each period were +0.89, +0.54, and -1.09 mg/day and for days 8-14 were +0.97, +0.27, and -0.91 mg/day. Results indicated a statistically significant effect on zinc balance as a result of change in dietary hemicellulose. No statistically significant differences between results from days 1 through 7 or from 8 through 14 were found, indicating that shorter term periods for balance studies of this type are valid.

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