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Cereal Chem 56:159 - 161.  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Comparison of Gluten Properties of Four Wheat Varieties.

R. C. Butaki and B. Dronzek. Copyright 1979 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The amount of gluten, stretching properties, and effect of the glutens on mixograph curves were compared in four wheat varieties, ranging in mixing strength from weak to very strong. The weight of the wet and dry gluten obtained from each flour increased as the protein increased. A stretching test revealed that the rate of elongation decreased with the mixing strength of the flour. Small additions of freeze dried glutens from the four wheat varieties improved the mixograph curve in the order of mixing strength of the flour. Glutens from strong wheats had greater resistance to stretching and were more resistant to mixing breakdown than glutens from weak flours.

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