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Changes in Pearl Millet Meal During Storage.

C. C. Lai and E. Varriano-Marston. Copyright 1980 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Pearl millet meal was stored at 19 C, 58% rh; 27 C, 64% rh; or 42 C, 75% rh. Changes in sensory attributes (odor), mold count, fatty acid composition, total titratable acidity, and peroxide value were followed. A trained panel detected changes in the odor of stored millet after 108, 60, and 12 hr for storage temperatures 19, 27, and 42 C, respectively. A reduction in mold count during the first six weeks of storage suggested that fungal growth had little effect on odor changes observed in the first week of storage. However, the times at which odor changes were detected in all stored samples corresponded to a fat acidity level of 30 mg of KOH per 100 g of meal and coincided with the end of the induction period for peroxide formation. Thin- layer and gas chromatographic studies further confirmed that alterations in lipid components were responsible for rapid quality deterioration in pearl millet meal.

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