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An Alternative Method for the Isolation and Analysis of Cell Wall Material from Cereals.

R. R. Selvendran and M. S. Du Pont. Copyright 1980 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

An alternative method was developed for preparing gram-quantities of cell wall material (CWM) from dehulled oats. In this study, CWM is defined as the insoluble residue left after sequential treatment of the wet ball-milled tissue with 1% (w/v) aqueous Na deoxycholate, phenol/acetic acid/water, and 90% (v/v) aqueous dimethyl sulfoxide. Intracellular proteins, a small proportion of starch, and some nonstarchy polysaccharides were solubilized by the first two solvents, and aqueous dimethyl sulfoxide solubilized the remaining starch, some beta-glucans, and a very small proportion of arabinoxylans. The polymers solubilized by the various solvents were isolated, rendered free of contaminating starch, and analyzed for constituent sugars. The method was also used for preparing CWM from rye flour and wheat bran. The CWM from oats had the following percent (w/w) composition: 68.7 carbohydrate; 9.4 klason lignin; 6.1 protein; 5.1 ash; and 10.7 material unaccounted for. H2So4 hydrolysis of the CWM from all three products yielded the following neutral sugars in descending order of concentration: xylose, arabinose, glucose, mannose or galactose, and a deoxyhexose. The method could be adapted for other starch-rich products.

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