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Effect of Baking Procedure and Surfactants on the Pasting Properties of Bread Crumb.

M. M. Morad and B. L. D'Appolonia. Copyright 1980 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The effects of baking procedure and of surfactants on the pasting properties of bread crumb were studied, using the Brabender amylograph. Although pasting temperature did not change greatly with longer storage time, it increased with the incorporation of surfactant. Also, pasting temperatures for the bread crumbs obtained by the continuous mix baking procedure were higher than those obtained with the straight dough procedure. With the straight dough procedure, both surfactants studied showed a distinct increase in the 15- min viscosity and the viscosity at 50 C. This effect was not as pronounced with the continuous mix baking procedure. A pronounced difference was noted in the area under the curve during the amylograph cooling cycle for breads baked with and without surfactant and also for the continuous mix baking procedure as the storage time of the bread was increased. Additional work may relate the area under the curve during the cooling cycle of the amylograph to bread staling.

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