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Cereal Chem 57:257 - 261.  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Shortenings Encapsulated with Oilseed Proteins.

G. W. Baker, L. A. Johnson, E. W. Lusas, and L. W. Rooney. Copyright 1980 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Shortenings encapsulated with sodium caseinate or with soy, peanut, or cottonseed protein isolates were evaluated for physical and functional characteristics. All shortenings encapsulated with oilseed proteins had equivalent or better flow properties than did shortenings encapsulated with sodium caseinate. Electron microscopy indicated that each particle was a spherical agglomerate of subparticles that were hollow spheres. The shortening was entrapped in the protein matrix of the shell. Fat was more easily recovered from encapsulated shortenings prepared with oilseed proteins than from those with sodium caseinate. All shortenings encapsulated with oilseed proteins produced cake batters with less aeration, but cake volumes and crumb textures were equivalent to cakes prepared with conventional plastic shortening. Shortenings encapsulated with sodium caseinate produced cakes with significantly lower quality than did conventional shortening. Oilseed proteins, particularly peanut protein isolate, produced encapsulated shortenings with excellent flow properties and functionality in cake baking.

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