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Functional (Bread-Making) Properties of a New Dry Yeast.

B. L. Bruinsma and K. F. Finney. Copyright 1981 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Eight vacuum-packed and two nonvacuum-packed dry yeasts had excellent viability when opened 4-22 months after being manufactured. Fermipan dry yeast, when properly sealed and stored, maintained good viability after being opened 48 times over a period of 18 weeks. Some methods of adding Fermipan yeast should be avoided. Gas production of Fermipan dry yeast decreased with increasing time of contact with wheat flour at room temperature; the decrease was more that 22% in 18 hr. Rehydration of dry yeast in distilled water decreased yeast viability more than did rehydration in 3% sucrose solution. However, addition of dry yeast to wheat flour during the mixing phase of breadmaking maintained maximum yeast viability. Fermipan dry yeast would be especially useful in industry and research in many areas of the world (and in the military services during peacetime and war) where the regular receipt of fresh supplies of good compressed yeast is not feasible.

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