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Direct Gas Chromatographic Estimation of Saturated Steryl Esters and Acylglycerols in Wheat Endosperm.

C. C. Hsieh, C. A. Watson, and C. E. McDonald. Copyright 1981 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A sensitive, convenient, and time-saving quantitative method for analyzing the saturated steryl esters and acylglycerols of wheat endosperm was developed. Semolina of U.S. durum wheat was found to be free from saturated steryl esters (palmitate of campesterol and sitosterol), except for the variety Produra, which contained a total of 2.4 mg/100 g. Approximately 24 mg/100 g of total saturated steryl esters was the lower limit and 37.0 mg/100g the upper limit observed in flour from 24 cultivars of hard red spring bread wheat. Two diacylglycerol peaks and three triacylglycerol peaks were observed. The total average content of diacylglycerols was lower in durum semolina than in hard red spring bread-wheat flour, whereas the total average triacylglycerol content showed no significant difference. The described direct gas-chromatographic method for saturated steryl esters would facilitate the detection of hard red spring bread-wheat farina in durum semolina. The detection limit should be about 1% and analysis time about 1 hr.

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