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Effect of Seed Moisture Content on the Air Classification of Field Peas and Faba Beans.

R. T. Tyler and B. D. Panchuk. Copyright 1982 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Starch and protein concentrates were prepared by pin milling and air classifying dehulled samples of field peas and faba beans containing 3.8-14.3% moisture. Seed moisture content affected both the yield and the composition of the air-classified fractions. Reductions in seed moisture were accompanied by declines in starch fraction yield, protein contents of the starch and protein fractions, and starch separation efficiency. In contrast, protein fraction yield, starch contents of the starch and protein fractions, protein separation efficiency, and neutral detergent fiber content of the protein fraction were greater at lower seed moistures. Two measures of seed hardness, one based on grinding time and the other on fineness of grind, revealed an increase in hardness at lower moisture contents. Increases in seed hardness were paralleled by increases in impact milling efficiency. Lower rates of feed to the air classifier (at a particular feed-gate setting) were observed at lower flour moistures. However, no improvement in the sharpness of the separation at lower feed rates was detected.

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