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Inherent Amylograph Pasting Ability of U.S. Wheat Flours and Starches.

P. Meredith and Y. Pomeranz. Copyright 1982 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Hot-pasting abilities of flours of 68 wheats of U.S origin were compared with a Brabender amylograph in the absence of amylase activity. Starches prepared from eight of the wheats with minimal granule damage were examined similarly, and their susceptibility to amylase attack was determined. The inherent hot- pasting abilities of flours of U.S. wheat cultivars in the absence of amylase were similar in range to those previously determined for New Zealand wheat cultivars. Flours from soft and club wheats and one sample of durum wheat had poor pasting ability. A marked seasonal effect on pasting was observed. Part of the variation in pasting can be explained by differences in protein contents and starch damage. Susceptibility of starch granules to attack by fungal amylase during the determination of starch damage was not correlated significantly with susceptibility of starch pasting to attack by sprout amylase.

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