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Influence of Dough Absorption Level and Time on Stickiness and Consistency in Sugar-Snap Cookie Doughs.

C. S. Gaines. Copyright 1982 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Five soft wheat flours and one hard wheat flour were objectively evaluated for sugar-snap cookie dough consistency and stickiness at four widely spaced dough water absorption levels. Evaluations were made immediately after mixing and 1 hr later to observe the influence of time. Change in dough consistency or stickiness after 1 hr was a function of the dough water absorption level. Data suggest a two-phase (initial and time-dependent) requirement for water by flour and sugar, the relative strength of each phase depending on the dough water absorption level. In soft wheat flour doughs, certain dough water absorption levels did not change dough consistency (isoconsistency) after 1 hr. Water absorption levels above and below the isoconsistency level caused doughs of thicker and thinner consistency, respectively, after 1 hr. Other dough water absorption levels caused no change in dough stickiness (isostickiness) after 1 hr. Water absorption levels above and below the isostickiness level caused dough stickiness to decrease and increase, respectively, after 1 hr. In freshly mixed doughs, variation in dough absorption levels had approximately equal influence on dough consistency and stickiness. In doughs rested for 1 hr, changes in dough absorption level exerted twice the influence on dough consistency as on dough stickiness. Holding doughs for 1 hr before measurement and the addition of soy lecithin adversely affected dough-handling properties.

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