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Milling Performance and Quality Characteristics of Starbonnet Variety Rice Fractionated by Rough Rice Kernel Thickness.

J. I. Wadsworth, J. Matthews, and J. J. Spadaro. Copyright 1982 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Starbonnet variety long-grain rice was used to study the variation of milling and quality factors with kernel thickness. The rough rice was separated by thickness into six fractions, and portions of each fraction were shelled and milled under identical conditions. Milling performance and quality characteristics were evaluated for each fraction. Significant differences among the fractions were found for shelling efficiency, total yield, head yield, processing losses, quantity of chalky kernels, and quantity of damaged kernels. Results indicate that processing the thinner kernels (less than 1.6 mm) separately offers the potential for producing a new high-protein rice product with excellent protein quality and simultaneously reducing processing losses, improving the quality of the milled rice products, reducing the amount of energy required to dry rice, and increasing the market value of the rice crop.

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