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Nonlinear Model of Wheat Starch Granule Distribution at Several Stages of Development.

D. W. Baruch, L. D. Jenkins, H. N. Dengate, and P. Meredith. Copyright 1983 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Wheat starch granule size distributions can be satisfactorily described by sets of intersecting hyperbolas on a volume-cumulative number plane. Distinct peaks arise from the intersections when the sets are transformed to other formats. The intersections can be determined by formula after the hyperbolas are transformed to straight lines graphically or by regression. The total mass within a given volume range or the percentage of mass contributed by a given volume can be calculated by formulas derived from integration or differentiation. The intersections could demarcate more than two sizes of granules. This suggestion is illustrated by data for growth of wheat starch granules in two cultivars during three seasons. The possible physiological significance of these findings is discussed, and alternative interpretations of the A-type granule peak are outlined.

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