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Kernel Hardness of Some U.S. Wheats.

W. T. Yamazaki and J. R. Donelson. Copyright 1983 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Pure variety wheat samples grown over a 21-year period at locations in the eastern United States generally showed no significant correlation between particle size index (PSI) and protein content. Grain moisture content was found to exert a considerable effect on PSI. In a given wheat sample, higher moisture content was associated with greater softness as determined by our PSI test procedure. In making comparisons of hardness, an adjustment to a uniform moisture content may be made by reference to a fan-shaped family of regression lines developed under specific conditions prevailing for PSI determinations. Particle size index values appear to have greater value when they can be associated with a milling characteristic such as break flour yield rather than standing alone. PSI values obtained by grinding the wheat samples through a properly calibrated burr-type grinder correlated significantly with break-flour yield from Allis-Chalmers laboratory millings, whereas PSI data using a comminution grinder were not correlated with milling data.

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