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The Botanical Constituents of Wheat and Wheat Milling Fractions. II. Quantification by Amino Acids.

S. A. Jensen and H. Martens. Copyright 1983 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The amino acid composition of manually dissected pericarp, testa, aleurone, endosperm, and germ from wheat was determined and compared to the amino acid composition of 50 wheat milling fractions. The data obtained were used in a multiple linear regression to quantify the botanical composition of pericarp, aleurone, endosperm, and germ in the wheat milling fractions. Comparison for pericarp, aleurone, and endosperm to an earlier method based on autofluorescence characteristics showed good agreement for pericarp and endosperm, whereas that of aleurone showed a lower correlation coefficient. Correlation to chemical constituents ash, fiber, starch, and niacin of both sets of measurements established that the differences between the two independent methods were due to inadequacies in the amino acid model rather than in the fluorescence method.

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