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Nutritional Quality of Winged Bean Composite Breads.

G. O. Nmorka and B. O. Okezie. Copyright 1983 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Chemical and nutritional qualities of baked products made with winged bean, triticale, and wheat are reported. The proximate composition of the composite breads containing 10-20% full-fat and defatted winged bean flour showed significant improvement in the total protein of both the triticale- and wheat-based products. When 15% defatted and full-fat winged bean was used, protein levels of triticale-based products improved as much as 78%, and wheat-based products improved as much as 57%. Growth of rats fed diets in which either defatted or full-fat winged bean was substituted improved significantly over those fed all- triticale or all-wheat diets. The protein efficiency ratios (PERs) and net protein utilizations (NPUs) of triticale-based, wheat-based, and triticale-wheat-based products containing 10-20% defatted and full-fat winged bean were also improved. The adjusted PER of the diets having 15% substitution of defatted winged bean compared well with the PER of the casein control diet, but their differences were significant. The PERs of the diets containing winged bean were significantly higher than the PERs of the 100% triticale and 100% wheat diets. The 100% defatted winged bean diet showed a PER of 2.14, comparable to the casein control diet, which had an adjusted PER of 2.5. The NPU results show that the composite diets appear much closer to the casein control diet in quality. Thus, there were no significant differences between the control diet, the diet combining 15 and 20% defatted winged bean with triticale-wheat, and the diet combining 20% full-fat winged bean with triticale-wheat. The NPU of the 100% defatted winged bean diet did not differ significantly from the NPU of the casein control diet at a 1% level of probability.

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