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Effect of Mutual Interactions on the Estimation of Protein and Moisture in Wheat.

P. C. Williams and K. H. Norris. Copyright 1983 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Separate calibrations were set up for hard red spring wheat. Moisture content was varied from 15 to 2% by high-vacuum drying. Calibration files included 50 samples in each of five moisture ranges. Additional calibrations were run on oven-dried material. The Beltsville computerized spectrophotometer was used to select optimum and reference wavelengths for the prediction of protein and moisture. Essentially no differences were observed in the wavelengths selected for protein, but pronounced shifts occurred in the wavelengths selected for moisture determination in materials of different moisture levels. The calibrations were then used to estimate protein and moisture in "unknown" files. The most satisfactory algorithm for measuring protein in the presence of wide variations in moisture content was the normalized delta log 1/R divided by delta log 1/R2 algorithm. For the measurement of moisture, several algorithms were essentially equal in efficiency. The selection of optimum wavelengths for prediction based on large numbers of samples is discussed relative to wavelength selections based on smaller numbers of samples with less variance.

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