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Effect of Environmental Changes on Rice Yield and Particle Size of Broken Kernels.

Y.-L. Chen and O. R. Kunze. Copyright 1983 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Rough rice direct from the field or from storage usually provides a biased sample for moisture adsorption experiments because these samples contain kernels with fissures from previous environmental exposures. Control samples showed 11.1 percentage points more total yield than head rice yield for Labelle, and 20.7 percentage points more for Brazos rice. A sudden exposure of rough rice to a relative humidity increase of 30 percentage points or more caused a further reduction in head rice yield. Rice variety and grain type are also factors that influence the loss of grain quality. Rough rice samples at 9.4% moisture (dry basis) showed lower head yields at 20 than at 30 C, but temperature had little or no effect on rough rice samples at 11.9% moisture (dry basis). The weight ratio of small kernel fragments to large kernel fragments in a milled sample was less responsive to environmental exposures than was the head yield.

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