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Evaluation of the Bread-Baking Quality and Storage Stability of 12% Soy-fortified Wheat Flour Containing Sweet Cheese Whey Solids.

E. J. Guy. Copyright 1984 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Substitution of 1-3% commercial pasteuirized grad A sweet whey solids (SWS) for wheat flour in a 12% soy-fortified bread flour mix containing sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate (SSL), increased bread volumes by 5- 10% and decreased crumb compressibility during storage. Substitution of SWS lowered dough absorption by an amount equal to the added solids and progressively darkened crust color, making substitution beyond 2-3% impractical. High-heat skim milk solids or high-heat SWS substituted for wheat flour did not change loaf volumes, but alpha-lactose hydrate also increased loaf volumes. Soy-fortified bread wheat flour mixes containing 2% SWS and 0.5% SSL stored satisfactorily up to six months at 20-25 C and produced breads of higher volume than did their respective controls without SWS. The baking quality of both the control and the mix containg SWS stored at 36 C deteriorated extensively after two weeks. However, the addition of 3% shortening or 0.5% SSL to these mixes at the same time of baking restored their volume losses. Added SWS caused no change of quality in taste or texture in the breads made from stored mixes.

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