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Cereal Chem 61:244 - 247.  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Comparison of Oil-binding Ability of Different Chlorinated Starches.

M. Seguchi. Copyright 1984 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Direct chlorination of isolated wheat prime starch imparted lipophilic properties to the starch. These properties nearly disappeared after treatment with 7% HCl, alpha-amylase, or pepsin, but were affected very little by water-saturated l-butanol, chloroform-methanol (2:1) or sodium dodecyl sulfate solution. Rice, potato, and corn starches also became lipophilic after chlorination. Chlorinated corn starch showed the highest oil-binding capacity. However, except for pepsin treatment, response of these other starches to treatments differed only slightly from that of chlorinated wheat prime starch.

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